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A few examples of my creative projects with different brands


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Social media content

After show hosting in Helsinki Coffee Festival for a few years I got this great opportunity to collaborate with Moccamaster Finland. I edited some of my lyrics to quotes with coffee vibes for their social media! Yay!

Breakup Special ice cream

x Bad Santa

The guys from Bad Santa (Liquer ice) asked if I had any topic in my songs that could work as a behind story for an ice cream. "I have so many breakup songs, so maybe one for surviving those?", I answered immediately. We designed this delicious ice cream together and launched it with a crazy "breakup party" concert! 

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Hairstyle tutorial

x Four Reasons

Four Reasons was looking for influencers to try out their new products. With the help of my incredible hairdresser Maria I chose the best ones and created this video tutorial about my everyday hairstyle.


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JoJo x Jecca



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